Your guide to; Learning to Code

Learning to code is a fantastic skill to have in your back pocket! Not only is it a valuable asset in the rapidly growing software development industry, but it can also be incredibly fun and fulfilling.

When first diving into the world of coding, it's essential to pick a broad area of interest to start with. From there, take some time to explore the different workplaces and job opportunities available in the field, along with starting salaries for various positions. Be sure to also take stock of your own unique abilities, such as your technical aptitude, memory, and knack for applying code to real-world situations.

Luckily, there's a wealth of resources available to help you along the way. You can find tons of free courses on YouTube, official language documentation, code examples, and helpful groups or apps. A pro tip for navigating YouTube is to search for your topic of interest, sort by view count, and check out the top results. And don't forget about sites like StackOverflow for troubleshooting and Github for finding code on similar projects. Plus, Twitter can be an awesome tool for following working groups for the languages and frameworks you're interested in and connecting with experienced developers.

It's also crucial to get your hands dirty and practice coding as much as possible. Develop your own projects, and try your hand at code challenges on platforms like Codewars, Codility, and CodeChef. For even more resources, check out podcasts like SyntaxFM, MDN, and W3 Schools.

All in all, learning to code can be a tough journey, but it's totally worth it. With the right approach and resources, you'll be on your way to personal and professional growth in no time!