Writing JavaScript Outside the Browser

Writing JavaScript Outside the Browser

An article I found on medium states that

There are over 1.6 billion websites in the world, and JavaScript is used on 95% of them (1.52 billion >websites with JavaScript). By virtue of this fact, virtually every computing device in use today runs >JavaScript, including iPhones, Android phones, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, smart TVs, >etc.

That means that technically, JavaScript is the only programming language that's running on all consumer devices. JavaScript is important & so is writing it. The downside, mostly, is that by itself JavaScript is kind of useless, you need to set up HTML to use it in the console, or set up Node to run it on the command line which in both cases is one step too much.

The solution for quickly writing & getting the output for JavaScript is setting it up to run on a text editor and RunJS is perfect for that. The app (available on macOS, Windows & Linux) will run whatever JS you are writing live as you write it, then provide a side panel where you can get immediate output or feedback for what's working & what's not, it's particularly handy for debugging or testing out functions instead of starting on your actual codebase where more often than not, introducing new code causes problems.

You can download the app here.