Why you should consider buying a dashcam

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What do you reckon is the most important device or gadget in your car? The engine? Well, maybe it is but we do not mean it that way. You need the engine to have a car in the first place. I think the dash cam is an all-important addition to your car. Not only does it provide endless hours of content that we can unwind to on YouTube, but it also serves as an essential gadget that you should give priority to. While we live in an era of cameras and technology overload on our modern cars, they do not scratch the itch as well as a dedicated dash cam. Tesla is a brand that comes to mind as it comes equipped with cameras by the manufacturer and they serve just as well if not better than aftermarket dash cams. In addition, they also record events even when the car is off and locked, which in my opinion, should be an industry standard.

Now, we don’t all drive Teslas. While these cameras that double up as dash cams are on the increase, most cars on the roads today use their cameras for safety systems and autonomy such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. And that is why you need to invest in a dash cam yourself. It is worth it, I promise.


Well, this is the core reason you should get a dash cam. It relieves you of that little bit of stress. You can drive with undivided attention on the road. Hit and run? No problem, just lift the footage off your dashcam, get the registration number, and file your claim. Did someone pin an accusation on you but you know you are innocent? Turn to the dash cam for help. But in that case, remember it can also sell you out should you be in the wrong. How about if you run a car hire business? Get a camera with an interior view in case you hire your car out to a dodgy customer. And just like Tesla, most modern dash cams can record even when the car is stationary. This means that the dash cam can make those accidents in the parking bay easy to follow up on. Imagine how disappointing it is to find your expensive car with scratched paint and the culprit is nowhere to be seen. These cameras that run all the time do drain the battery and you should also consider a trickle charger when keeping the car in storage for a long time. Most dash cams also come with GPS which makes it very easy to track you when you get in a nasty crash and you cannot call for assistance.

Claims and memories

For one reason or the other, you might need the footage from your drive. Imagine you spot a rare supercar or a two-headed mountain goat but your mates do not believe you. Just show them the footage. The footage never lies. In case you get into an accident, as mentioned above, the claim can easily be settled once the dash cam is consulted. And in today’s world of content creation, you might want a cut on your video to show your audience the journey. While you can record that on a secondary camera or on your phone, you can get it off the dash cam that is already recording as long as you are driving.

So then, what dash cam should you get? For me, my ideal dash cam would be one with a three-angle viewing, to record the front, back, and interior. It should also support cloud storage and record in high definition or 4K. It should also have the option to record while the car is parked and constantly send the footage to the cloud for easy downloads. It is important to note that dashcams overwrite footage so as not to fill the internal storage. Get one. It comes in clutch on that rainy day.