Transsion, An Africa and Asia tech love story

Tecno,Infinix, Oraimo and Itel's winning formula

If you live in Africa, Asia, or any other market where the iPhone is not dominant, chances are you have interacted with tech products from Transsion holdings. Itel, Infinix, Tecno, and Oraimo are all brands they own. And they enjoy success in these regions. But how did they do it and why focus on certain markets?

Let us circle a few years back. About fifteen years ago. Africa's mobile space was growing and picking up at a very high rate. Innovation was at its peak with solutions around feature phones being the force driving massive adoption of mobile devices. Nokia was a big name at the time and so inevitably, they bossed the market alongside Motorola. And as the African population demanded more features from their devices, such as cameras and music layers from their devices, the manufacturers obliged and had to fit them into their feature phones. But these came at a price, and soon enough these phones outrun the local's budget.

This was fodder for companies that made fake phones. These developments provided the right conditions for their business to bloom. The market was soon hit by Chinese knockoffs at half the price. And as the innovations around mobile technology demanded that one own a device, the locals soon bought these knockoffs as they catered to their budget. But Tecno Mobile joined the race with a strategy. They chose to offer devices at cheaper prices but with more benefits such as aftersales services that could not be offered by the knockoffs. They took a huge risk at the time and luckily for them, things were soon looking up. The African population soon adopted the Tecno brand. Brands such as Samsung and Nokia soon lost as their prices were unusually high with no justification. These brands soon bowed out. Take Nokia and Motorola for example.

Today, Transsion Holdings has a tight grip on the markets they sell in. They sell even more brands now. They also sell a wider range of devices including television sets and smart home devices. As they hit the market more than ten years ago, we had genuine quality concerns but today, their devices have grown to be loved and of good quality. At certain price points and for smartphones, you could only buy a device from Transsion such as Tecno and Infinix. And this is still true today but with Samsung aggressively selling strong midrange phones, customers are going back to these older manufacturers. I can vouch for their smart and audio devices division, Oraimo, which continues to offer solutions that do not damage the pocket in Africa and Asia. Transsion holdings have improved massively and we can only appreciate the journey they are on. And by being a brand that aims at affordable devices, they force bigger manufacturers to reduce their prices which is good news for us tech lovers