Smart vs Analogue watches

Photo by Sabina on Unsplash

Smart vs Analogue watches

Smartwatches are perhaps the most successful smart devices today. The Apple Watch is one that has enjoyed success since its launch. In a bid to go toe to toe with the Apple watch, other manufacturers have also joined the race for the smartwatch. But is the smartwatch killing the analogue watch; the three hands and a face?

Smartwatches have very many use cases and they offer versatility. They add to what we know a normal watch can do. In addition to telling time, they also monitor our bodies for heartbeat, blood pressure, steps, and sleeping patterns as well as calories burnt over a workout session. These health benefits are the biggest selling points of smartwatches today in today's world where we are very conscious of our health. It is very hard to argue against the benefits of a smartwatch in matters of health. Furthermore, these smartwatches are built tough. You can take them anywhere from the bottom of the pool to the summit of the mountains. And all this they do while still being useful and not missing a beat in delivery.

Where then does this leave the analog watch? These are art pieces that have a cult following. You will never hear of a smartwatch collector but analog watch collectors exist and in huge numbers. Analogue watches tell very little. Time and date are the most common types of information that you will get from an analog watch face. But they come with a story. They are conversation starters. Some also gain value over time. They are highly customizable. The most you can do with a smartwatch is custom watch faces using software, some gold plating, or custom wristbands.

Technology continues to feature in our lives and the smartwatch is here to stay. the smartwatch and the analog watch can coexist. There is room for both. Style lovers who are caught between the love of technology and the love of style have to use both interchangeably. For the rest of us, it's a matter of getting what works. But the smartwatch has more potential while the analog watch will always look more stylish as an accessory.