Smart home devices that you actually need

Photo by Kowon vn on Unsplash

Smart home devices that you actually need

For those of us who are into tech every once in a while, we might see a video or an article relating to smart gadgets. Our favourite tech creators may also have made a video or two about these smart gadgets that we need in our homes. In the world today where everything seems to be going smart, we cannot hide from the obvious. We need these smart gadgets. While some are gimmicky and serve no real purpose, others are really important and solve real problems. So then, what are the most important gadgets that you can incorporate into your little smart ecosystem at home? Let’s mention some that we think are best.


Smart lights are the future. And the future is now apparently. These are basic but maybe the best thing to go smart yet. You will be spoiled for choice when looking at choices out in the market today. Smart lights will cut your bills, look better and are just a little more customizable to your taste. And why settle for less when you can have smart light fixtures that can accentuate your personality?

Virtual assistants

These should have come first, but we would have had you thinking this is an article from 2008. At this point, they are a must-have. The most common virtual assistants are Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Due to constant development and fine-tuning, these can integrate all your smart devices into one in addition to learning your schedule, routines and patterns to give the best experience.


Again, not anything new but a gadget that has evolved to be common in the modern home. A smart vacuum has a schedule and knows your floor plans and some smart vacuums even empty themselves in readiness for the next cleaning cycle. And how convenient is that?

Trash cans

In a world where we are very aware of proper waste disposal, a smart trash can is a step in the right direction. A smart trash can does away with the traditional step and replaces it with an automatic lid that is linked to some proximity sensors. These smart trash cans also seal the trash bags on their own once they are full. Some can also sort recyclables from non-recyclables for the sustainable world we are all aiming at.

The smart world is endless and anything that you can think of has its smart alternative. Some other smart gadgets that you may include in your home are smart mirrors, smart curtains and smart doorbells. Sometimes, as tech enthusiasts, we are allowed to buy some of these gadgets because we can amaze our non-tech-inclined friends.