Playstation vs Xbox

We have all done it, played a video game and entertained the thought of going professional. And So, I am a gamer. Or I like to think I am. And my favourite video game is soccer or football depending on where in the world you are reading this from. I enjoy some FIFA once in a while. Not only is it a great method to relax and wind down, but it also is an avenue for banter right after the games with the boys. But the gaming world is huge and consoles exist in their numbers.

In my FIFA journey, there were milestones. First I had to choose my game of choice, between FIFA and e-football (formerly PES). Once I settled on FIFA, I then had to choose between the Sony PlayStation and the Xbox. I went the PlayStation way but that’s just me. I would have gone for the Xbox and that’s our topic of discussion today, which to go for between these two consoles.

Now, we are in the year 2023 as I write this. The current consoles from Sony and Microsoft are the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series x. and right off the bat, the Xbox looks stronger on paper, at least based on its processor. We are not going to delve very deep into the specifications. These two consoles are very similar and there is practically nothing to separate them

The PlayStation 5 does however clearly win when it comes to the controller. We waited a long time for Sony to release this new console and for that reason, it feels very refined, could be an illusion but that’s how I feel about it. Their adaptive triggers were game changers. They take interaction with the game to the next level. There is also the simple fact that Sony’s controller has an inbuilt battery that charges via USB type C. However, this is not to say the Xbox controller is any bad.

So then which to buy you ask. Hardcore gamers often have both. With a smaller budget and less time to game, you often have to settle for one or the other. And that decision is solely on you. It could be influenced by your gamer friends, or the games available on a certain console among other reasons. Remember, both of these consoles have exclusive games. The bottom line is that you will be fine with any. And then there is the wildcard, PC. But let's save that for another day.