'Galaxy unpacked 2023' How good is the Galaxy Book 3?

Every year, we are treated to a Samsung event dubbed “Galaxy Unpacked”. And like most tech manufacturers, these events are meant to introduce us to some of the new devices that they have been working on; often their flagship smartphones. And Samsung was no different in this year’s event. The main device they launched was their Galaxy S23 smartphone series. These events make a lot of noise about these flagship smartphones and so inevitably, some other launches are likely to slip under the radar. And the sad part about all this is that some of these devices are good and worth your attention. While Samsung seems to have taken notes of Apple’s book and delivered the same phones with marginal improvements, their new flagship PC as they call it caught my eye. And before the dust settles on the Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event, we thought we might look at the Galaxy Book 3, also unpacked in the event.

For starters, this is a very Samsung device. It is made to appeal to the Galaxy fan, one who appreciates the Galaxy ecosystem and most likely already uses some other Samsung devices. But that is not to say that the rest of us would not enjoy what the Galaxy Book 3 has to offer, and a lot is on offer. Samsung came out with three offerings, the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra and the Book 3 pro 360. There are marginal differences among the three variants. The greatest defining feature is the 2-in-1 design of the Book 3 360 which gives you the form factor of a tablet while delivering notebook performance.

What notebook performance you ask? Well, let’s start with the display. Available at 14 inches (Galaxy Book 3 Pro) or 16 inches (Galaxy Book Ultra and Pro 360), the Galaxy Book 3s (Ultra and Pro) have an AMOLED display that features a 120Hz refresh rate. Any variant you go for is assured to deliver a great display if the current smartphones and TVs from Samsung are anything to go by. The CPU is next. The Galaxy Book 3s comes with a 13th Gen Intel core i7 or the same generation Intel Core i9. Graphics are taken care of by a name that we have grown to love, NVIDIA. Their GeForce RTX 4050 or GeForce RTX 4070 for laptops are on offer here. Samsung also gives you the option of 16 or 32 GB RAM. Samsung makes some of the best external SSDs in the market today. Their Galaxy Book 3s will come with 512 GB or 1TB solid-state drives. With the above, the Book 3 is sure to go toe to toe with most laptops.

Now that we are done with the nerdy specifications, remember how I told you about this being a Samsung fan device? They have included the Samsung Multi control 4 that lets you use one screen to control all your Samsung devices. Some features worth noting are the two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a HDMI 1.4 port. All Galaxy book 3 charge via USB-C which is great as one charger can be used on your other devices. Colours include Graphite and Beige which vary depending on the variant purchased. Samsung mentioned late February as when to look out for the availability of these new Galaxy Book 3 devices. I will be one of those looking forward to the said dates for sure as a creative looking for a new laptop.