DJI, the unbeatable drone manufacturer

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

DJI, the unbeatable drone manufacturer

The unmanned aircraft market has steadily risen over the last few years. This rise is very prominent in photography and videography. And mentioning these two fields, one brand stands out head and shoulders above its competition.

DJI is a Chinese company that successfully sells drones and camera equipment. But how did they do it? China for a long time has been associated with low quality but DJI was determined to change that. And they did if their sales volumes are anything to go by.

First things first, their drones feel more like tools than toys. Build quality is top-notch. This coupled with their location and smartphone pairing aid you to get the most out of your drone. DJI broke into the market with the Phantom series of drones. These are so iconic that tech enthusiasts can instantly recognize them. And for the majority of the world, this was the first "proper" videography drone. And this was the start of the journey that DJI has come to today.

But that was just the beginning, the Mavic line was soon to take the world by storm. That popularity can be attributed to the ease of use and affordability of a professional tool. The other reason is variety. The range takes care of each user starting from the beginner to the pro. And for someone who does not want to build their own drone from scratch, a few options away from DJI exist. DJI as an established manufacturer also offers after-sales services. This means that you will always have peace of mind even if you crash your drone.

From enthusiast drone fliers to professionals who shoot movies, DJI continues to be a favorite. And above being good at building drones, the camera attached to the drone is quite good. DJI has several years below the belt developing camera accessories. Throw in working and owning Hasselblad and you have a winning combination. It will take a lot of effort to unseat DJI as the drone and maybe the gimbal king.