Best Cameras for your desk and why you need to upgrade

Best Cameras for your desk and why you need to upgrade

Setups, some of us like to obsess about them. And rightly so, a setup is your sacred space, it is where you feel your creative juices flowing. It is also where the most productive version of you comes alive. So obsession then, is not all that bad. Most of us like to justify our expensive sets with the fact that you cannot place a price on productivity. Seeing as we want the best setup that we can afford, this often leads to us handpicking the best desk, the best PC, and the keyboard just to name but a few essentials. And it is this journey that leads me to my topic today.

As you are slowly building up your setup, you will need a webcam. This is an issue that setups powered by laptops face very rarely as most decent laptops and notebooks have above-average webcams that will handle most meetings seamlessly with acceptable quality. But what about the perfectionist like me who winds down streaming video games and catching up with family on the other side of the globe? Granted, there are third-party webcam offerings that work but some of us always find ourselves wanting more.

Cue the world of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Interchangeable lenses, superior audio and ultimate control over the picture quality. But this camera world is very huge and can quickly get confusing. It also comes with some compromises. The most common is the need for additional software to link to the camera and having to learn how to use a camera. Some big camera rigs would instantly be considered overkill for a desk setup. For starters, a light camera is best suited for the desk. But what camera? Below are some of my best picks for 2023 to get you started.

Canon EOS Rebel T7

Also known as the EOS 2000D in some markets, this is arguably the best camera that can get you started. It is cheap but not derived from any features. This is a great way to start your transition from webcams to professional cameras for streaming. It offers a 24-megapixel sensor and 1080p video at a maximum of 30 frames per second. 720p is offered at 60 frames per second. Frames per second are one attribute that one should always consider when looking for a camera for this use case. It is also lightweight and will do fine on a mini tripod or your monitor if you possess that level of trust and faith in its workmanship.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This is another great camera from Canon. It is the gateway into the world of full-frame cameras. This camera also marked the end of the DSLR era for Canon. This then means that you can pick up this brilliant camera for “cheap”. On offer is a 4K video ability for that all-important professional look. 1080p at 60 frames per second and 720p at 120 frames per second. This is a bigger camera both in size and in features. Having this camera as part of your setup is future proof especially if you are not a heavy user.

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Sony A7 II

Some say that you can never go wrong with a Sony. Correct me if I am wrong but one out of five of your favorite creators most likely use a Sony. This is no coincidence. And the A7 II is one of the best fits for your desk setup. This is a mirrorless full-frame camera; the first one on our list. You also get 4K video and the live focus here and low light performance are to die for. As it is an aging camera, you can easily get it without breaking the bank.

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Other honorable mentions include the Nikon d5600 and the Lumix G100 from Panasonic. Always do your research on compatibility before committing yourself to a purchase. Remember, in most instances, a good webcam will do. But why be ordinary? Upgrade and add the spice that has been missing on your video streams.